Standard Reports

It is very difficult to anticipate the customers reporting requirements. In order to make the database easy to understand we have defined just some 15 so called Standard Reports.

They are listed on the left hand side of the Reporting window. Click on the desired report and the report will open in the Main Reporting Window. In the standard selection settings, will say without filtering, all standard reports comprise all data entered into the database. Sometimes it will be necessary to narrow the report. This depends on the subject that has to be investigated. In this case the filter must be used. A detailed description of the filter function can be found here.

used. A detailed description of the filter function can be found here.


Adjust the size of the report in the main reporting window

In case the size of the report needs adjustment, click on the magnifying glass and adjust the size by selecting from the percentage scale.


Navigate through report pages

Many reports consist of several pages. The count of pages is shown in the footer of the reporting window. To browse through the report use the blue navigation arrows. The number between the arrows indicates the current page.


Some reports have a link to a subreport. This looks like a hyperlink (blue and underlined).

Click on this hyperlink to go to the subreport that opens than in the main reporting window. The example shows a report that lists the overdue items. Every line has a hyperlink that leads to the details (inspector observation and owners comment).
Toggling between main and subreport can be done by clicking the respective buttons.