Learning the Basics

How to add new records

Click the add inspection in the main menu.

Select the report group and then the report type

If more than one template is available, select also the template.

Enter the basic inspection data.

Enter findings

  • Select question from template
  • Enter comments
  • Enter cause
  • Enter actions
  • Enter controls
    • follow update
    • Attributes for analysis such as severity, responsibility, Sire reference
  • Attach files if available

Import of SIRE reports

SIRE reports

How to find existing inspetion records

Via the Activity List in the main Menu

Via the Inspection Repository

Filter techniques

  • Search box
  • Filter boxes Report Type, Template, Vessel and Oil Major
  • Filter presets
  • Creative use of column sort mode

Workflow related search

  • Via the Inspection To Review view
  • Via the Open Issues view
  • Via the Archive view