Marine Injury Report

Report acc. to OCIMF Marine Injury Reporting Guidelines.

Marine Injury Reporting is defined in a OCIMF Guideline. The incident types are Fatality or Permanent Total or Partly Disability or Lost Workdays; these summarized as Lost Time Injuries (LTI). LTI’s, Restricted Work Cases and Medical Treatment Cases are summarized as Total Recordable Cases.
The recommended way of reporting is not just counting the incidents but relating them to the risk expressed as so called Exposure Hours. The daily exposure hours are the number of people on board * 24 hours. 3D calculates the exposure hours automatically provided the number of crew is defined in the Ship Table. Also the managed from date and managed to date must be maintained in the ship table to deliver correct results.
Incidents entered as Non Conformities with the type Marine Injuries and the respective subtypes Fatality, LWC, RWC, MTC are displayed in the Safety Performance Report. The reporting is done on a quarterly basis. The table shows the details of the calculation; incident count and exposure hours resulting in LTI frequency and Total Recordable Case frequency expressed in Sum of Incidents per million hours. The graph shows the LTI Frequency and the TRC’s as a trend.