3D supports electronic data transfer whenever possible. Prerequisite is availabliblity of the information in electronic format. The preferred format is XML. SIRE inspection reports are available in XML format only after the report has been actvated by OCIMF. The report that ship managers receive from oil companies for entering comments is not available in XML format. Therefore we have developed a method to import the SIRE PDF format. Another report format that can be imported as PDF file is the TMSA report.
For the communication with offline users (travellers or ships without internet connection) we have developed XML based data exchange by means of MS InfoPath forms.


3D compatible InfoPath form available for download

Most reports can be entered via an MS INFOPATH file, which can be downloaded from . Pls note that you must save this file. In IE 7 click with right mouse on the link and select Save Target As. The saved form must be updated with the data tables in your 3D. See section Secondary Data Sources

New inspection records can be entered into this INFOPATH form and are saved as XML document. This XML document can be imported into 3D.
Existing inspection records can also be exported to the said InfoPath form and could be completed offline, for example on board of a ship. The completed form can be imported back into 3D to update the respective record.