Download the software for the 3D desktop client from

Sytem Requirements:

  • Windows workstation and internet connection.
  • Some 300 MB free disk space
  • User needs admin rights during installation and in case of automatic updates.

Following software components are required and will automatically be installed, if not available on the client workstation:

  • MS .NET framework 4.0 (will be automatically installed if not available)
  • Crystal Reports Reporting Engine (will be automatically installed if not available)


This means the data are stored on a central server and the access to the server works by means of a database client, which is installed on a local computer.
The server is located in a computing center that provides professional service and infrastructure. This results in high reliability and high data security.
The client must be installed on the users computer. The access to the server requires an internet connection.
Since 3D is a client/server database we require installation of the database client on all workstations that shall work regularly with 3D.
The database can be accessed by all authorized employees (those who have the password) regardless where they are located, provided they have an Internet connection.
Multi user access is possible.